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Here are your 2 search results for Tours, Attractions & Activities in Bogor, Indonesia



Duration: 10 hours
Location: Bogor, Indonesia

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As a tropical country Indonesia is very rich in natural resources, including horticultural products such as tea. Tea is one of the eminent commodities from Puncak, West Java ... More info ›

As a tropical country Indonesia is very rich in natural resources, including horticultural products such as tea. Tea is one of the eminent commodities from Puncak, West Java. Not far away from Jakarta in Puncak area, there is Gunung Mas Tea Plantation which is a natural exhibition of Indonesian original tea products. Other than its excellent products the plantation offers beautiful scenery. Strolling in this vast greenery accompanied by a local expert to get informed on tea’s trivia. Safari Garden is another main attraction of this trip. Immersing in the nature to observe Indonesian endemic animals such as Komodo, Orang Utan, Anoa and Tapir.

Upon meeting up with your guide at the Hotel, take a ride to Puncak area and feel the cooler climate. Passing through one of the oldest highway in Indonesia and continue to the winding roads in Puncak to the top of the hills. From the altitude oh 1.500 metres, view the scenic panorama of the tea plantation.Explore by trekking inside the plantations. As you walk, listen to your local guide on the information of the cultivation history and various types of tea. Get familliar with tea product and have a chance to observe manual harvesting. Wander along small paths to see other crops in the plantation such as cinnamon, cloves and orange. In traditional hut have a small break by tasting the original tea from this area.

After lunch break, travel to the Safari Garden. It was an unproductive tea plantation that was transformed into a conservation for endangered Indonesian endemic species. Firstly take a ride inside the zoo by private vehicle to have a closer encounter with the wild animals. Have a chance to feed the friendly creatures like zebra, deers and hippopotamus. Observe the Orang Utan, Sumatran Tigers and Tapir at their similiar habitat. Stroll around the baby zoo and do not forget to take pictures of those cute little animals. Watch the animal show and be amazed of their wittiness. Travel back to Jakarta with good memories of West Java beautiful landscape

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Duration: 9 hours
Location: Bogor, Indonesia

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The rainy city is the nickname of Bogor because its frequent rain showers. Thus, the city has alway been famous for its greenery ... More info ›

The rainy city is the nickname of Bogor because its frequent rain showers. Thus, the city has alway been famous for its greenery. The beautiful landscape of the Bogor lured the colonical goverment to construct a palace there by the end of 18th century. Sir Stamford Raffles, the deputy governor general of the British East India Company was astonished by the charm of the city and decided to build the first modern botanical garden in Indonesia. Along side with your private guide, discover the beauty of Bogor by strolling inside the garden, zoological museum, and the presidential museum. Make the most of your time to Bogor on this  comprehensive private tour in 1 day.

The guide will meet you at the hotel or meeting point. All the sightseeing spots for this tour are located in Bogor city, 50 kilometers to the south of Jakarta. First interesting activity to do is a walking tour inside the 200 years old Botanical Garden. Leisurely walk under the greenery shelter with an expert local guide to be familiarized with the tropical plants, from canary, bamboo, banyan trees, and many more.  Visit a lotus pond which divided the garden with a magnificent presidential palace where the current president resides in.

After the walking tour, the guests will be taken for car ride to other sections of the park to see more collections including the orchid farm, coffee, and the mother of the palm oil in Southeast Asia.At this point there will be time for lunch break (at own cost).Zoological Museum is the next destination. The museum exhibits many interesting preserved animals from different parts of the nation, including the last rhinesorus in West Java and local endemic animals such as anoa and malayan bear.  Listen also the story of how the museum transport a 120-tonnages blue whale’s skeleton from the southern shore to be displayed at the rear of the museum.

As there is presidential complex in Bogor, the guests will be brought to the Presidential Museum which open in 2014 showing the memorabilia from each Indonesian president. With the size of 3211 m2, it is one of the biggest museum in Bogor. Find out about the story of challenges and achievements of the nation leaders in timely manner.Before heading back to Jakarta, stop by at the gate of the presidential palace for photo stop and watch the palace’s deers feeding session. The deers were brought here from Nepal at the early 19th century. Bogor is also famous for its snacks like pickles and  sweet potato cake. If time permits, you can visit the stalls and bring home for souvenirs. Back to Jakarta via the oldest highway in Indonesia.

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